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Businesses are often wasteful. Owners need to know exactly why, where and how to eliminate it!

Removal of waste on product and labor is key to the success of your food and beverage or retail business! Bring costs down, optimize labor and improve your sales and service efficiency by getting a reality check on your sales, stock and employees on a location-by- location basis. Don’t let information technology get in the way!

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From data to actionable insights — shorten the journey!

There are insights and then, there are actionable insights. There is no point in getting a view into your business if you don’t really know what it means and what you have to do about it. Save time and costs by getting “actionable” insights – i.e. Insights that leave you in no doubt as to where the waste is, how to remove it and, by doing so, how this will improve business outcomes such as more predictable and higher sales, increased employee efficiency and improved stock management.

DataProfit Insights is perfect for:

Food & Beverage


A few of our many actionable insights that you need to consider:

  • Stock insights

    Slow moving stock

    Missing stock

  • Labor insights

    Employee performance

    Employee efficiency

    Employee planning

  • Financial insights

    Financial ratios

    Cost control

    Fraud Detection

  • Sales insight


    Turnover enhancement

  • Location insights


    Local Events

  • Performance Insights


    Trends and predictions